Solution Selling

What is the one thing that every customer is looking for in today’s market…lower operating costs.

You can help your customers lower their costs by reducing your price, or you can provide both product and service solutions that help them to reduce their total operating costs.

Solution Selling is about becoming the "go to supplier" when your customers need to improve or reduce costs. It is about understanding their objectives, operational costs and processes, and identifying ways to improve these issues. In today’s market, one of the most compelling aspects of Solution Selling is to become the lowest cost supplier. Not the lowest priced supplier, but the lowest cost supplier through the solutions you offer.

The benefits to customers are obvious: lower operating costs and improved productivity. But what can this mean for you?

  1. Increased Ability to Generate New Revenue: Competitive Distinction
  2. Improved Ability to Thwart Competitive Threats: Retain Key Accounts
  3. A Better Means to Help You Meet Contractual Savings Goals
  4. A Stronger Position to Combat Margin Erosion

Solution selling starts with understanding your customers’ needs, and then matching the opportunities your company can provide that satisfy those needs. But to sell those needs you have to be able to show them how this impacts their profits and objectives. This goes beyond simply stating features and benefits. It involves proving to them the investment, savings, return on investment and payback period.

It is not just putting a number in a proposal. It is about backing up how that savings will be achieved and how it was calculated.

It also involves selling on two levels: a personal level focused on how you help your contacts achieve their key performance goals, and a corporate level focused on Total Cost savings and strategic alignment.

Solution selling offers companies the means to create and sustain a true competitive advantage.

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At Strategic Business Solutions (SBS) – we can provide the tools, knowledge and training to help companies measure, document and report total cost savings. This includes the means to make total cost proposals based on the value of your solutions in order to sell more effectively. As well as proving value added savings to retain key accounts and improve margins.

"Wolseley Industrial Group has been utilizing the SalesStrat software for several years now to support North American MRO contracts. It allows us to have one effective platform to document and submit TCO and cost savings for multiple facility end users in the US and Canada. Our associates and customers are pleased with the reporting capabilities and the results that it has helped us achieve."

Joe Costanzo
Manager of Strategic Accounts
Ferguson Industrial Group, a Division of Wolseley Industrial

"SalesStrat has been a great tool to help customers realize the savings and impact our alliance agreements have."

Jamie Wilson
Key Account Specialist
Hubbell Power Systems, Inc.

"SalesStrat is a simple and structured framework for distributors and manufacturers to articulate the value of services and products. Bringing customers and suppliers together to efficiently collaborate."

Marcel Schrage
National Accounts Manager - MRO Markets
Parker Hannifin Corporation