IT Services

Our vision is to provide IT services that help our customers grow and achieve a competitive advantage in terms of lower cost, faster implementation time and better information for making sound business decisions. To accomplish our vision we have combined an on-shore development and support team with an off-shore programming team to bring you affordable high quality IT solutions in a wide range of areas:

Custom Programs
Have you ever wished for a software solution that allowed you to do…… something? Our custom solutions fill this need. When you identify a need that does not currently have an available software solution, or when the cost or functional scope of the existing software is to expensive, we can develop a program to exactly fit your needs. These solutions can be "bolt-ons" to an existing system, a communication bridge between two systems, automation of a specific process, or an improved user interface.

Web based technologies allow you to improve communications with other companies and/or functional areas. The ease of use and cost efficiencies of this technology has made it a pervasive part of our business lives. The most common business applications for its use includes order handling and processing, supply chain integration, marketing and customer service, however many other opportunities for its use do exist.

We can help in your efforts to make this tool more advantageous to your company by building the interface or, functional system or integrate new features into an existing system that allow your ecommerce solutions to improve your communication abilities.

Content Management
Building a web based portal for communication is a critical need and one that we described above. Another aspect of a web based system is to be able to update the information with ease. Most systems currently require personnel specifically trained in updating a web application So on-going changes such as pricing, availability, schedules and other information that needs frequent updating is often a slow process. We can build a user interface that allows anyone in your organization to update this information quickly and effortlessly.

Enterprise Reporting
Some companies spend an enormous amount of time collating information from various databases into a single report. When all of the different reports being developed from finance, sales, inventory, human resources and other functional areas are considered, the time involved can be significant. We develop interfaces that allow users to determine the information requirements and formats desired, and then automatically pull the information into the desire report design. This can save time and money while allowing the IT department to focus on more critical issues.

Enterprise Application Integration
As companies grow, and purchase or develop new systems, they are often faced with the information they need being entered in one system and then manually transferring this information to a second one. As the trend to automate processes and activities grows, the ability to integrate these systems so that data can be shared effortlessly will become an even greater business need. We can develop the solutions that allow almost any system to interface with any other system, resulting in reduced re-entry mistakes, reduced processing costs and improved efficiencies.

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